An independent, innovative publisher that thrives on providing high quality editions in the field of traveling and free time. Our editions are always practical, up-to-date and surprising and often come with a useful app or a related online platform. This is how we help you making your weekend trip or holiday memorable.

We have been a source of inspiration for many travellers for almost 20 years now, and are convinced that with our editions you get more out of your city trips, holiday or free time! We make you enjoy your free time even more! Our network of local bloggers in our favourite cities makes sure our tips are always reliable and relevant. We are already market leaders in the Netherlands and Flanders with our time to momo – city guides. But there’s so much more to achieve.

With our brand new platform we provide city trippers with relevant information during their entire customer journey. And combining this with our renewed app enables us to provide a cross-media publishing service, both nationally and internationally.

Our Team

Marketing & Sales Retail

Joska de Kruijf

Joska is the travel agency for our travel guides and makes sure you’ll find them everywhere; big cities, small villages, in web shops and on airports. Not only does she understand the needs of ‘her’ retailers and turns them into brand ambassadors, she also enthuses other companies to gift our books to their business contacts.


Founder & Director

René Bego

Meet the founder of the company, the man behind the vision and inspiration, always bubbling with ideas. At his happiest when creation and commerce meet each other. Curious, on point and with the right amount of guts. If he starts sharing our story, you can’t wait to join.


Online Project manager

Tamara den Hartog

Tamara takes care of our online platform where you’ll find exactly what you need, and even more. She gets social media, and the fact that you’re only interested in a newsletter if it is relevant to you. She is smart and determined. Now that she is part of our team, the creative minds, the commercial forces and the tech-heads suddenly understand each other.


Director & Publisher

Joyce Enthoven

Joyce translates ideas into concept and plans, and guards them with her life. She has a positive and enthusiastic attitude, but is only satisfied when product, design, content and communication are completely aligned. She enjoys her work the most when others improve the overall result by adding value through their expertise.



Heleen Ferdinandusse

Heleen is a go-getter, with a dedicated commitment to our content. She is the anchor to our locals. A perfectionist with a strong dislike for spelling mistakes and awkward sentences. Her itineraries and street maps are always on point and her tips will surprise you every time, and are up-to-date of course. She pours your time to momo shot.


PR & Promotion

Sharon Dahler

Sharon is always tied up with organising (joint) promotions and campaigns, fairs and events. If it is up to her, everyone out there will know the meaning of time to momo sooner than later. She is passionate and goes straight for her goal. Very committed to let our editions conquer the world.


PR & Promotion

Stephanie van den Bosch

Always busy organising campaigns, joint promotions, fairs and events. She makes sure that all our online and offline marketing campaigns run seamlessly, keeps an overview and ties all loose ends together. She’s super ambitious but in a very modest way. And she bakes the best brownies.


Sales department

Andrea van Steen

Picture editor

Laurence Harms

Together with our photographers and designers, Laurence makes sure every image is where it should be. She makes you dream of beautiful destinations and captures the city’s spirit and soul in images. She is adventurous, has a critical and creative mind and understands like no other how visuals and text reinforce each other.



Merel Blom


Freelance Editor Free time

Petra de Hamer

Without Petra our free time section wouldn’t be as good as it is today. She creates books that are on point in terms of current events, design and contents. She labels these creations as ‘finished editions’, while their journey has only just begun! To our mo’media team her freelance skills are the finishing touch.