time to momo

time to momo

Enjoy every moment of your city trip with itineraries and tips from our locals! 100% good time!

Jump off the plane and hop straight into the latest, fashionable coffee bar of the neighbourhood. Know where they serve the best fish in town or pour a local brew. Only the best is good enough for you; in time to momo the local authors only share the true highlights of their beloved city. So no standard, busy shopping streets but great walks with a couple of must-sees on your way to the coolest concept stores in town. Enjoy every moment of your city trip and feel good. Let’s go!

time to momo is an online travel platform for city trippers, where our locals share the best itineraries and tips. You can buy the time to momo-itineraries separately in pdf format, as app or hardcopy city guide. You choose! Don’t forget to check out our surprising tips and offers online.

free time

Of course we love our jobs, but nothing beats doing fun stuff with our friends, family or partners. A lazy breakfast on Sunday morning, taking it outside to have a nice, long walk, meeting a friend for lunch and a bit of shopping or preparing a great dinner with loved ones. Spend your free time in the best way! We love it!

With our editions full of itineraries and tips on how to spend your free time we want to inspire you to join us! Our books are very well organised, full of surprises and of high quality. Full of tips for great day – and city trips, but also a source of inspiration on how to have a great, relaxing day at home: tasty recipes, beautiful, fun stories and cool DIY-projects.

vrije tijd

Travel continues

If we have a bit more free time to spare, we love discovering the most beautiful regions in Europe and beyond. A road trip to Tuscany, roaming around Andalucía or discovering the prettiest bays of Portugal, we don’t take much persuading! Especially when we visit places where we can immerse ourselves in the local way of life for that small-scale and authentic experience.

Our 100% area and language guides are your trusted travel partners. And with our Kidsproof-books we make sure the whole family will have a great holiday! Make your travel memorable with the DIY travel journals!