Why Should I Go To

Dive into the heart of Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Prague or Copenhagen, with savvy tips on where to stay, eat and explore without breaking the bank. It might be hard to grasp the essence of these cities. Fear not, with these books in hand, you’ll make any of these cities your own. Whether you’re hunting for cool hangouts, vintage treasures, or budget-friendly bites, the Why Should I Go To guidebooks are your ultimate companions.

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We’re still on the lookout for authors in Valencia, Budapest, Rome, and Lisbon.

Do you love your city and you reckon you could fill an entire book about it? Do you know answers to questions like: how do you get from A to B as cheaply and quickly as possible? Where can you take the best photos? And, not unimportantly: where can you eat well (for cheap) / sleep / go out / shop (vintage) / relax / experience the culture?

Some (English) writing experience would be a great advantage. Are you or do you know the person who can provide us with affordable, original and creative tips in Valencia, Budapest, Rome or another European city and do you enjoy writing about this? We would love to get in touch with you!

Send an email to Petra de Hamer (petra@momedia.nl) and maybe ‘your’ Why Should I Go To-guide will be in stores soon.